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Limon, Sara


Linden, Dawn

Teacher-Middle School

Lohse, Pamela

Braillist - Vision Assistant

Lowe, Megan

Teacher - Language Arts - 7th and 8th Grade

Personal Message

Go Ravens!

I am passionate about cats, Mountain Dew, musicals, the state of Iowa, Pride and Prejudice, and getting to teach awesome kids every single day.

Ms. Lowe's Schedule
1st period - 7th Grade Language Arts
2nd period - 8th Grade Language Arts
3rd period - 7th Grade Language Arts
4th period - 8th Grade Language Arts, co-taught with Ms. Jarman
5th period - Planning
6th period - 7th grade Language Arts, co-taught with Ms. Patrick

M’Sadoques, Nathan

Middle School Math Teacher


I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania and grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania for college. My favorite subjects in school were math and science. My favorite food is tacos!!! My favorite movie is Braveheart and I love all Marvel movies as well. My favorite music is rock/rap, but I like a lot of different music. My hobbies include hiking, watching movies, trying new restaurants and spending time with friends and family. I believe that everyone can engage with math and I get excited when I figure things out in math and get even more excited to see my students do the same.

,Personal Message

Martinez, Nancy

6th Grade School Counselor

Mena, Christopher

Music Teacher - Elementary

Mihelakakis, Michael

7th Grade School Counselor

Norris, Lorena

Bilingual Instr Asst -203/7

Parker-McLane, Cheryl


Personal Message

I work in the main office and here to help you when you come in to the school.  Please say hello when you come in the school office.

Patrick, Allison

Teacher-Special Education-XB

Payne, Steven

Teacher-Middle School

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Pearl, Katrina

Assistant Principal

Philbeck, Erin

Teacher-Spanish 1A