Private School

Private School Application Information

Students and families applying to private schools for the next school year should review the following instructions before submitting requests for school records and teacher recommendations. These are two separate requests and are handled separately by school staff.

School Records

Paper Applications

Requests for transcripts, standardized test scores, report cards, attendance, and discipline records should be submitted to the Registrar, Deanna Gallichan, in the main office. Please include $5.00 for each application you are requesting. This covers the cost of a 9.5″ x 12.5″ envelope, postage, and copy fee. Be sure to allow time enough to meet your specific school deadline.

Electronic Applications (for private schools using an online system)

Have records requests sent to the Registrar, Deanna Gallichan, at

Teacher Recommendations

Your requests for a teacher recommendation should be addressed to the teacher from whom you require a recommendation. Please provide a standard business sized envelope addressed to the applicant school with adequate postage to cover at least two ounces. This is required for each school to which you are applying.

It is also courteous to ask the teachers in advance (via e-mail) if they would be willing to fill out the forms, before dropping the forms off in their mailbox at school. Teacher e-mail addresses can be found on Staff Directory.

Please submit requests early. The teachers and staff will process recommendations as time permits.

We will make every attempt to mail the information from Robert Eagle Staff Middle School by the private schools? deadline.

If you need to know when the records were mailed to a particular High School, please attach a postage paid self-addressed postcard that can be mailed at the same time as the records.