Safety at School

Safety at Robert Eagle Staff

Visit Seattle Public Schools Safety and Security Frequently Asked Questions

General School Safety

The safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance. A variety of drills and procedures will be performed throughout the school year to ensure everyone is ready in case of an emergency.

If you have an immediate safety concern, please contact Mr. Stowell at For non-pressing safety questions or concerns, please contact Liv Faris, PTSA Safety Committee Chair, at

In the event of an emergency or vitally important information that must be shared, expect communications from Mr. Stowell via School Messenger, Talking Points and/or the SPS district office. Stay up to date by downloading the Talking Points app and turning on notifications.

For answers to common safety questions, please visit the SPS FAQ page.

Student Safety to & from Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

Safe Walking Habits
● Do not text, talk on your phone or use ear buds while walking.
● Always pay attention! When walking with friends, stop talking, look and listen before crossing the street.
● Use extra caution when walking in the dark and or bad weather. Wear bright colors. If you can, wear reflective clothing and/or carry a flashing light.
● Walk on a sidewalk when at all possible. If there are no sidewalks, walk on the curb or as close to the edge of the road as possible facing oncoming traffic.

Crossing the Street
● Do NOT cross in the middle of a block. Always cross at a designated crosswalk or at least a designated intersection.
● Always make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street. Remember drivers may not obey the rules. They may not do what you expect them to. They may not see you!
● Wait until no traffic is coming before you cross. Keep looking for traffic while you cross!
● Always use the flashing light button at school intersections.

Biking to School
● When biking to school obey all traffic laws, wear your helmet, have a bike light, and lock your bike in the bicycle racks on the south side of the school. For more information about safe cycling, go to

Riding a Metro Bus
● Follow all Metro bus rules (they are listed inside each bus.)
● If your bus did not arrive on time or was full and bypassed you, please call Metro immediately and let them know. King County Metro Phone Line: 206-553-3000