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    James and the Giant Peach Jr.


    If you are interested in being a part of the stage crew for the musical please come to one of the informational meetings.

    When:   March  7th @ 8:30 AM or 4:00 PM

    The meeting will be about 20 minutes.

    Where:  Room 263

    What to prepare: Just come. We will be going over the crew application process and expectations.

    Questions?   Email


     Cast List

    Ladahlord:  Zoey B

    James:  Aria P

    Ladybug:  Charlotte D

    Grasshopper:  Zoe M

    Spider:  Sierra S

    Earthworm:  Anja W

    Centipede:  Ely M

    Spiker: Clara Y

    Sponge:  Charlotte H

    The Ensemble listed below will play multiple roles in addition to their featured roles.  Those roles include:  Zoo Crowd, Vagrants, Garden Chorus, Reporters, Ladies’ Garden Guild, Hollywood Agents, Farm Animals, Oompa Loompas, Angry Crowd, Cruise Ensemble, Sharks, Seagulls, and New Yorkers

    Mr. Trotter: TBD

    Mrs. Trotter: C.C. J

    Karl Kreatour: Gunnar C

    Matron Nurse:  Kiera K

    Billy Bobby-Cop: Maxwell S

    Bobby Bobby-Cop: Eli K

    Ida Walters: Violet P

    Bitsy Botana: Scarlett R

    Doreen Driggles: Alex T

    Violet Funkschmeller: Ireland C

    Ridgley Rapscallion: Elena H

    Chris Cryermouth: Shane D

    Passing Man: Alfie K

    Man (with wallet): Mark G

    Passing Woman: Tessa H

    Buzz: Lydia B

    Jake: Ramona F

    Joe: Lucia K

    Lucille Van Kooglestein: Ella D

    Bunny Mackenzie the Third: Amelia H

    Willy Wonka: Sara L

    Screaming Women: Ariana K, Daisy V, Erandi B, Lorelei T


    Thank you everyone!  I cannot wait to start working with you.  It is going to be a great show. Our first rehearsal is from 9AM- 1PM on the RESMS stage.  Enter through the doors by the honor circle that lead into the commons/cafeteria.  Please bring a sweater as it may be chilly and a snack.  Be prepared to dance.  If for some reason you cannot make the rehearsal, please email Ms. Sullivan.



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    Questions?   Email