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    Cheshire Cat - Allie D., Ravenna M., Scarlett R.

    Mathilda -  Flora E.

    Alice   -  L. Wren. N.

    Tall Alice - Sophia F.

    Small Alice - Charlotte D.

    White Rabbit - Elena H.

    Doorknob – TBD (Will cast from Chorus)

    Dodo Bird -  Lydia B.

    Tweedles (Who is Dum and Dee TBD) - Xahria H. & Lainee H.

    The Flowers (names TDB) – C.C. J, Violet P, Amelia H., Malia J., Sierra S.

    Caterpillar - Michael E.

    Mad Hatter - Catalina M.

    March Hare – Anja W.

    Queen of Hearts -  Clara Y.

    King of Hearts - Riley P.

    Chorus (Rock Lobsters, Royal Cardsman, etc.) - Iris S., Samantha H., Savy B., Kate E., Ireland C., Ella D, Kierra K, Lucie C, Chris N., Bruno L., Einar O., Daisy V., Xea K

    Thank you to everyone who auditioned.  There will be an announcement for a meeting to apply for technical positions and stage crew in February.  I will be in contact with the cast next week with information regarding the next steps in this process.

    -Ms. Sullivan