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    RES 2019-2020 Student Clubs

    Here are our Student Club offerings. To develop our students’ independence, they should contact the staff member noted below directly for additional info.

    2nd Period Partner PE

    What is it? a combination of students in a class that ensures that everyone experiences the benefits of inclusive participation and has an awesome PE experience! Students learn in an environment that meets their abilities and needs all while making new friends. Interested?! talk to Ms. Matsen if you want to check it out

    After School Proyecto Saber

    • Every Thursday 3:45pm – 4:30pm starting September 19th
    • In 274, Ms. Romero’s room
    • Planning and preparing for May assembly. Discussing issues important to students of color, advocating for students of color.
    • Anyone interested in addressing issues affecting students of color are welcome.
    • Questions? See Ms. Romero!

    After School STEM Academy

    • Three 6-week sessions during the school year; starting in October
    • In 176, Ms. White’s room
    • After School STEM Academy is an engaging, hands-on STEM expanded learning opportunity facilitated by industry volunteers to build 21st Century skills and awareness of STEM careers and career pathways.
    • All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students are welcome to join! No fee.
    • Additional information about dates and times coming soon.
    • Questions? Ask Ms. White!

    ASB – Associated Student Body

    • Every Tuesday 8:00am – 8:30am starting on September 24th
    • In 374, Ms. Lowe’s room
    • We work on events like dances for the entire school to enjoy, we raise money, and we monitor the money for most other clubs.
    • All students are welcome with no experience needed! You can start coming to our meetings at any time of the year.
    • Questions? See Ms. Lowe and Mr. Cordell

    Cheer and Dance

    • Every Monday 4:00pm – 5:30pm starting on September 16th
    • In workout room next to the gym
    • We cheer and dance at pep rallies, the talent show, games, and parades with the marching band.
    • All students are welcome with no experience needed! You can start coming to our rehearsals any time of the year.
    • Questions? See Ms. Rubio and Ms. Lowe!

    Dungeons and Dragons

    • Every Thursday 4:00pm – 5:30pm starting on September 12th
    • In 364, Technology room on 3rd floor
    • We play Dungeons and Dragons. This club is accessible to all. There will be sessions where you can be assisted making a character and materials for groups to use once they form to play. If you are an experienced player there will be chances to play and DM.
    • All experience levels welcomed.
    • Questions? See Ms. Dennison

    Green Team

    • Time and location: TBD
    • We want our school to be the greenest around. We work to educate our community to help save the planet.
    • Any student who is interested can come
    • Questions? See Ms. Saxon

    GSA – Gay Straight Alliance

    • Time and location: TBD
    • A place for students to meet and discuss gender, sexuality, identity, and so much more
    • Any student who is interested can join!
    • Questions? See Mr. Halliwell

    Japanese Homework Club

    • Every Tuesday 3:45pm – 4:30pm
    • In 377, Spann Sensei’s room
    • We work in groups to practice Japanese and prepare for assessments. This is also a chance to make up missed work or do retakes. Upper level students tutor beginning students, and we eat crazy cereal.
    • Any student in Japanese class can come.
    • Questions? See Spann Sensei

    NATIVE: Native American Tribes Inspiring Vision & Excellence

    • Time and location: TBD
    • We will promote Native awareness and vision for our community.
    • Questions? Ask the Main Office

    Rolling Shutter Film Club

    • Time: TBD
    • In 261, Mr. K’s room
    • We create short films including storyboarding, scriptwriting and directing.
    • All experience levels welcomed.
    • Questions? See Mr. Knoerlein (Mr. K)

    Spanish Homework Club

    • Every Tuesday from 3:45pm – 4:30pm
    • In 375, Señorita Philbeck’s room
    • We provide students with additional support in order to be successful in Spanish class.
    • Spanish students or speakers are welcomed.
    • Questions? See Srta. Philbeck

    Travel Club

    • Time: TBD
    • In 174, Ms. George’s room
    • This is the 8th grade Spring Break trip to DC/NYC.
    • This club is for 8th graders that have registered to go on the trip.
    • Questions? See Ms. George and Ms. White


    • Every Thursday 8:00am – 8:30am starting in October
    • In 354, Ms. Saxon’s room
    • We work to create a quality yearbook that showcases the current school year. Writing/Organization/Detail skills a MUST!
    • Applications will be accepted for the following positions: 2 8th graders; 2 7th graders; 3 6th graders. Applications available in Rm. 354 starting 9/17
    • Questions? See Ms. Saxon