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    Welcome to the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School Library!

    We are nurturing leaders who are engaged citizens, scholars, artists, and activists. We believe that our school should be a safe, supportive learning environment where everyone is treated with respect, where we learn together, and where we cultivate our students' intellectual growth, social and emotional development, and capacity to create and innovate in collaboration with a wide range of peers and partners.


    AASL Social Media Librarian Superstars LogoEagle Staff Librarian Rebecca Wynkoop has been nominated for an AASL Superstar Social Media Award! With SPS librarian district budget cuts to half time in the fall, it is even more important now to show that our SPS librarians and advocacy is vital to our students. Read more about the AASL Social Media Superstar Finalists recognition program.  

    AASL Social Media Librarian Superstars LogoVisit the AASL Endorsement webpage by Fri, March 15 to show your support and endorsement of our Librarian Rebecca Wynkoop !

     March 2019 | March Book of Madness 2019!

    March Book Of Madness GridVoting is now open on The Ravens Read Blog. 
    32 titles were chosen based on recommendations by our #ravensreaders and our books with the highest circulation since September 2018. 

    Each week our votes will be tallied and our field of books will be reduced by half.

    We will announce our winner on Monday April 8, 2019.


    February 2019 | Follow Your Heart Into A Great Book!

    Books and Hands in shape of Hearts
    Read a book, snap a photo of yourself reading and be sure to include the heart hand signal.

    Send to 


    December 2018 | Day In The Library

    Students working on computers and reading books in the librarySpent the day with Ms. Saxon's 7th building winter holiday book piles and finding comfy spaces to put finishing touches on informational writing. 

    Another great day in the Robert Eagle Staff Library! 

    September 2018 | SPS Library Newsletter
    September 5th, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 1

    Rebecca Wynkoop at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School has made the library a second home for students. She has built a community of readers and operates the library with deeply held convictions about accessibility and student choice. These convictions, her passion for literacy, and her summer hours have made the library the heart of the school.Librarian Rebecca Wynkoop and Student

    On four different dates, in two-hour increments, Rebecca held summer hours with dramatic positive impact. Summer hours built relationships with her students, created a safe space of belonging, eased school anxiety, eliminated summer slide, and improved outcomes for students with 45-60 visitors attending each session.

    The students love the library and because she believes they are her biggest stakeholders she provides them with continued access and a space of their own. Guidance from Rebecca but flexibility to determine what the library should look like and offer has made it a student-centered space and utilized by families all summer. The circulation statistics and attendance proved that it was too valuable a resource to sit closed for two months.

    Puzzle, Students Reading, CraftsRebecca is excited to see librarians across the district try something similar and bask in the rewards she has experienced. She knows that if we want our students to be confident, involved citizens of the world we need to deter- mine what our libraries are to be in the lives of our students. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact her at or @Eaglestafflib


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    Librarian Rebecca Wynkoop"If we want our students to be confident, involved citizens of the world we need to determine what our libraries are to be in the lives of our students ~ Librarian Rebecca Wynkoop"

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