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    Dear Eagle Staff 6th Grade Student and Family,
    Welcome to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School. It is an honor to partner with you in your middle school journey. Over the next few years you will have the chance to explore new ideas, master new skills, and learn from your teachers and peers. Our primary goal is to ensure that you as a student are challenged to grow in core academic content, in critical thinking and problem solving, in your ability to collaborate and communicate, in your belief in yourself (a growth mindset).

    Mark your calendar for the following upcoming events and opportunities:

    August 22 9-10 am and August 23 1-2 pm: School tour for incoming 6th grade students. Get to know our building and get an introduction to middle school. (Note: You will also have opportunities at the beginning of the school year to build connections and make Robert Eagle Staff your new home)

    • August 28th 9 am to 12 pm: 6th Grade WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Orientation
    • September 5th 1:30: Robert Eagle Staff Middle School ribbon cutting and welcome.
    • September 6th: First day of school.
    • September 19th: Picture Day
    • October 10: Robert Eagle Staff Middle School Curriculum Night


    Take time to discuss and complete the course selection information on the final page, and return the completed elective choice form as soon as possible by US mail or in person to 1330 N. 90th St., Seattle, 98103 or via email to registrar Deanna Gallichan at

    Thank you for becoming part of the Eagle Staff community!

    Note: Students will have six class periods each day. All 6th grade students will take a full year of Language Arts, Social Studies, *Math, and Science, and will be assigned to these classes according to district designations such as HCC. Students with IEPs, we will review your IEPs and meet with your teachers to make sure that we are providing the best supports for your learning.

    All students will take Physical Education (PE) for one semester unless they qualify for a PE Waiver. PE waivers are available for the following reasons: Physical Disability, Religious Belief, or if the student is taking two year-long electives. PE Waiver packets will be available in October 2017.

    Students will have two periods in which to take elective classes. These periods may be filled with semester-long (half year) or full-year courses. PE will be one of the semester-long courses unless there is a waiver.

    *See information on the next page regarding Math class placement and Music opportunities.

    Math Placement at Robert Eagle Staff MS
    Math placement will take into consideration all of the following:

    • Next course in sequence
    • 5th grade teacher recommendation
    • Smarter Balanced Assessment scores (Level 4 for students considering skipping a specific course)

    We will be contacting your student’s 5th grade SPS teacher for the following information:

    • Math level completed in 5th grade
    • Key skills that have been mastered
    • Teacher recommendation for math placement.

    6th Grade Algebra placement and Opting Up: Students must meet at least two of the three criteria for Algebra placement in 6th grade: 1) Teacher recommendation, 2) Level 4 Smarter Balanced math score (98% or higher), and/or 3) Math placement test. All families will have the option to have their student(s) take a placement test. In order to ensure the best possible learning, students must have mastered 7th and 9th grade standards to be placed in Algebra in 6th grade. Date for placement test TBD

    Music Placement at Robert Eagle Staff MS

    Dear Robert Eagle Staff Music Family,
    Welcome to the Eagle Staff Middle School Music Program! We are very excited to have you be a part of the inaugural year of music-making at our brand new school. The music teachers at Eagle Staff are committed to creating a high-quality educational experience that is rewarding, enriching, and fun for ALL students. As a part of this program, students will build their skills and knowledge and become exceptional musicians, leaders, and citizens of the Eagle Staff community.

    • Incoming 6th graders (please read carefully): Your current instrumental music instructor (elementary or middle school) will provide an ensemble placement recommendation for next year. If your teacher recommends an audition to determine placement, Eagle Staff instrumental teachers will contact you and set up a time for the audition. If you desire an audition, please email John Aguilar at or call at (206) 474-8872.
    • Please be sure to complete the course request form so that we know your student would like to study music for the 2017-2018 school year.

    John Aguilar and Lindsey Dustin, Robert Eagle Staff Music Teachers

    Sixth  Grade Choice Form