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    Social Studies at Robert Eagle Staff

    Social Studies is the investigation, analysis, and understanding of humanity’s ongoing relationship with the created and cultural environments.  In order to provide rigorous, authentic, and deep learning in Social Studies we, along with Jane Addams Middle School and Washington Middle School, will be integrating all Social Studies classes beginning in September, 2019.  Our teachers will be working in collaboration with professional coaches and colleagues from across the District to ensure appropriate support and challenge for all students. We are ready to do this because we believe it is what is best for our students, our families, and our community.

                All students will be challenged to read, reason, and write at high levels, and will be learning side-by-side in Social Studies classes.  We have worked with our leadership teams, including the Building Leadership Team, Instructional Council, and PTSA leaders, and are inspired and energized by the unified commitment to providing the best possible learning opportunities to all of our students.



    Students identified as part of the Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) will continue to have their course identified as HCC on report cards and transcripts. 

    Semester-Long Exploratory Electives

    Exploratory/Electives for the student's school year are determined by the options sheets submitted the previous spring.  We do not do a second options sheet for Semester 2. 

    Although Exploratory/Elective choices cannot be guaranteed, we try to provide students with their top preferences as much as possible.

    We also work to ensure that all Exploratory/Elective offerings are engaging and rigorous.

    Note: After students receive their Semester schedules, they can complete a schedule change request form and submit to the main office to request class changes. This schedule change request form must be completed and returned in hard copy form to the main office in order for the request to be considered.  Phone or email requests will not be accepted.

    Guitar: Great for beginning and more experienced musicians.  Students learn technique, music theory, musicianship, and develop a love of music.  Students work toward mastery of State and National Arts Standards.

    Journalism: Students learn fundamentals of Journalism from researching, writing, and reporting to photography. 

    Leadership for Social Justice: Students learn to engage in research and writing and develop projects that support our local and broader community.  Hands on opportunities for student learning and leadership. 

    Partner PE

    The Partner PE program provides an opportunity for students to be partners and supports for students with disabilities in their modified physical education class. The class offerings could include team sports, individual sports, and exercises. Principles taught in this class will follow the physical education core curriculum and enhance teaching and learning skills for students. Typically developing peers receive an equivalent PE credit meeting their yearly requirement.

    Percussion/Drumline: Great for beginning and more experienced musicians.  Students learn technique, music theory, musicianship, and develop a love of music. Students work toward mastery of State and National Arts Standards.

    Proyecto Saber: Students have the opportunity to explore their culture and identity as well as learn the positive impact that Chicanas/os and other underrepresented ethnic groups have had on World and U.S. history.  See Ms. Romero for enrollment information

    Science Survey: This course explores different topics within science.  Topics range from Environmental Science to Astronomy to Anatomy.  In this course you will study the world around us through observation and investigation.

    STEM/Tech: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math come together in this exciting class.  Students engage in hands on, project based learning.  Students work toward State and National STEM Standards.

    Teaching Assistantship: Students have the opportunity to work closely with a staff member, learning leadership, academic, and other skills.


    Visual Arts: Beginning and Intermediate.  Students work in a variety of media from drawing and painting to ceramics at the pottery wheel.  Students work toward State and National Arts Standards.

    HCC Services

    • We align our services with the other Seattle Public Schools Middle Schools that provide services for students identified as Highly Capable (HCC): Washington Middle School, Hamilton International Middle School, Madison Middle School, and Jane Addams Middle School.  Our service models are consistent.
    • Students identified as HCC will have specific HCC classes in Language Arts and Science. 
    • In the HCC Science pathway, students take General Science in 6th grade, Physical Science in 7th grade and Biology in 8th grade.  The 7th and 8th grade classes are the equivalent of High School courses.
    • HCC Language Arts classes follow the same course pathway as Scholar courses, but students can deepen and extend their reading, thinking, and writing. 
    • Students take the Math class that best aligns with their Math learning pathway. 

    Advanced Learning (Spectrum) Services

    • Students identified as Advanced Learners may take the Math class that best matches their Math learning pathway.
    • All our Language Arts and Social Studies teachers teach both HCC and Scholar sections so that all our students have opportunities to deepen and extend their reading, thinking, and writing in both HCC and Scholar (not HCC) Language Arts and Social Studies classes.