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    Tech Tips and Schedule Change form
    Posted on 09/09/2020
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    Schedule Change Request Form 

    Tech Help for Students

    Remember to follow these steps to be sure your laptop downloads any updates made.  This needs to be done weekly.  If you are having problems logging in, try these steps first.  Always make sure your laptop is connected to the Internet/wifi before attempting to log in.

    To make sure you get this update please do this:

    1. Plug your laptop into power
    2. Turn it on
    3. Connect to the Internet or wifi
    4. Restart the laptop and log in
    5. Leave it on for an hour or two before logging off.

    If for some reason you have issues with your laptop and need help, please call 206-252-0100, or email from any device or email

    Can’t log in on student laptop – “domain not available”

    The very first time a student logs into the laptop, it must be connected to wifi in order to validate their username and password and set up their profile.  On the login page, look in the lower right-hand side of the screen for a wifi icon, and then connect to your home wifi.

    I can’t log in to The Source but I can get into Schoology (or vice versa)

    When students log into The Source, they use just their username (ie 1imstudent)

    When students log into Schoology, they use their full email address (ie

    They have the SAME password for ALL their SPS logins.

    Students can reset their own passwords here:

    How do I get to my email / Office 365 / OneNote / Schoology / The Source?

    Go to and click on Student Family Portal. From there you can click into:

    The Source – see grades, classes enrolled, overdues and fines, etc

    Schoology – your courses

    Office 365 – email (Outlook), OneNote, Word, etc

    “I don’t see the email you sent [just things from my old teachers]”

    Some students are getting mixed up between the Schoology messages and the new student email. They are looking for a message from you in their Schoology when really it’s in their Outlook email.  The steps to get to your email are: à Student Family Portal à Office 365 (log in) à Outlook icon (underneath the PowerPoint icon).

    What do I do if your laptop breaks / isn’t working?

    Broken screen / keyboard / hardware: email Don’t panic, it’s covered by insurance.

    Software not working: If it’s not one of the things above and I haven’t been able to help (or am not available quickly enough) email . This opens a tech ticket. Somebody will get back to you quickly!

    When I send an email, it bounces back as undeliverable but it is a correct email address.

    Student email accounts can only send emails to other email addresses.