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    July 27 2020 Update: Getting Ready for 20-21
    Posted on 07/28/2020
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    July 27, 2020:  Return to Learn 2020-2021

    Dear Eagle Staff community,

    We hope that you are staying safe and strong this summer.  Thank you for staying connected in so many different ways. 

    Now that we know that we will be starting school completely online, we are working even harder to plan for excellent instruction that will help our students meet their goals as scholars, artists, and activists.   Here are a few details:

    • We have been able to check out school laptops to many of our students throughout the spring and summer.  As a district we are working toward providing a device for every student (this is often referred to as a 1:1 model).  In mid to late-August, we will be distributing laptops to each of our students including incoming 6th graders.  We will communicate dates as soon as we have more details from SPS about when our full set of devices will be ready.
    • We want to make sure that every student has access to fast, high capacity internet.  SPS has been hosting events throughout the summer to sign families up for free internet.  To learn more, follow this link.  We are also working to make sure that we have internet hotspots to provide home internet access.  If you would like to request an internet hotspot, complete this form
    • We are still hosting our 6th grade orientation in partnership with our 8th grade WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) leaders on August 27 from 9 am to 12 pm.  It will be online but it will be awesome.  Watch for more information!
    • We will continue to have clubs in the fall, as well as services through our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club.

    Thank you Raven community,


    Marni Campbell, Principal

    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School


    Estimada comunidad de Eagle Staff,

    Esperamos que se mantenga seguro y fuerte este verano. Gracias por mantenerse conectado de muchas maneras diferentes.

    Ahora que sabemos que comenzaremos la escuela completamente en línea, estamos trabajando aún más para planificar una excelente instrucción que ayudará a nuestros estudiantes a cumplir sus objetivos como académicos, artistas y activistas. Aquí hay algunos detalles:

    • Hemos podido revisar las computadoras portátiles de la escuela a muchos de nuestros estudiantes durante la primavera y el verano. Como distrito, estamos trabajando para proporcionar un dispositivo para cada estudiante (esto se conoce como un modelo 1: 1). A mediados y finales de agosto, estaremos distribuyendo computadoras portátiles a cada uno de nuestros estudiantes, incluidos los estudiantes de 6to grado. Comunicaremos las fechas tan pronto como tengamos más detalles de SPS sobre cuándo estará listo nuestro conjunto completo de dispositivos.
    • Queremos asegurarnos de que cada estudiante tenga acceso a Internet rápido y de alta capacidad. SPS ha estado organizando eventos durante todo el verano para inscribir a las familias en Internet gratis. Para obtener más información, siga este enlace. También estamos trabajando para asegurarnos de tener puntos de acceso a Internet para proporcionar acceso a Internet en el hogar. Si desea solicitar un punto de acceso a Internet, complete este formulario.
    • Todavía estamos organizando nuestra orientación de sexto grado en sociedad con nuestros líderes WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) de octavo grado el 27 de agosto de 9 am a 12 pm. ¡Le avisamos con más información pronto!
    • Continuaremos teniendo clubes en el otoño, así como servicios a través de nuestra asociación con el Boys and Girls Club.
    • Continuaremos ofreciendo servicios de biblioteca y estamos más comprometidos que nunca para cultivar la vida de lectura de nuestros estudiantes. Nuestra próxima fecha de salida y devolución será el 5 de agosto de 10 a.m. al mediodía

    Gracias Ravens!

    Marni Campbell, Directora

    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School


    July 15, 2020: Library Day Coming Up!

    The PAW-sibilities are endless!

    Library Book Returns AND Summer Library Services

    We are offering continued library services this summer. Please see the attached promo along with our summer reading promotion.  We'll offer book drop off, maker activities and continued book delivery 22 and August 5.  All incoming, current and former Eagle Staff Students can take advantage of our summer library services.  If you have questions, please e-mail Ms. Wynkoop

    Library Flyer

    Library Flyer Page 2

     June 12, 2020: Exciting News From Our Library!

    Library Book Returns AND Summer Library Services

    We'll offer curbside drop off at school this Friday 6/19 from 9-11am.  In order to ensure the safety of our staff and students all library books returned will sit for 1 full week before they are officially checked in.  Any student who wishes to keep their library books for the summer may do so.

    In addition, we are able to also offer continued library services this summer.  Please see the attached promo along with our summer reading promotion.  We'll offer book drop off, maker activities and continued book delivery June 24, July 8 & 22 and August 5.  All incoming, current and former Eagle Staff Students can take advantage of our summer library services.  If you have questions, please e-mail Ms. Wynkoop

    Library Flyer

    Library Flyer Page 2

    Join our Eagle Staff Racial Equity Conversations

    June 9, 7 pm-Link to Zoom Here or

    June 10, 7 pm-Link to Zoom here

     June 8, 2020

    As a white mother of three children, I have been thinking, reflecting, and reflecting some more. Most of you know me as an Assistant Principal at Robert Eagle Staff, focusing on calling out racist structures and doing as much as I can to dismantle them.  All that said, talking to my five year old about what is going on right now in the world as a result of systemic racist structures has rocked me. AND this is my work to do. I must become more comfortable and skilled at this so I ensure the world I am raising my kids to be Antiracists. One article I read was inspiring as it was written by an African American mother to White Parents. Author, Ibram X. Kendi recently did an interview that provides a glimpse into his teachings that can be found in his book, How To Be an Antiracist. I am sharing these resources hopefully to begin engaging in this work together. This can be in small groups talking about specific topics having to do with acknowledging ones white privilege and bias in order to commit to being and raising Antiracists. Below you will find additional books that can support in this work.  Please reach out to me directly if you are interested in working together and I will be happy to help organize book/work groups. 

    Thank you all for your support and work!

    Katie Pearl, Assistant Principal

    For Parents: 

    How To Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi - In his memoir, Kendi weaves together an electrifying combination of ethics, history, law, and science--including the story of his own awakening to antiracism--bringing it all together in a cogent, accessible form. He begins by helping us rethink our most deeply held, if implicit, beliefs and our most intimate personal relationships (including beliefs about race and IQ and interracial social relations) and reexamines the policies and larger social arrangements we support. How to Be an Antiracist promises to become an essential book for anyone who wants to go beyond an awareness of racism to the next step of contributing to the formation of a truly just and equitable society.

    White Fragility: Why it’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism: In this “vital, necessary, and beautiful book” (Michael Eric Dyson), antiracist educator Robin DiAngelo deftly illuminates the phenomenon of white fragility and “allows us to understand racism as a practice not restricted to ‘bad people’ (Claudia Rankine). Referring to the defensive moves that white people make when challenged racially, white fragility is characterized by emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and by behaviors including argumentation and silence. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium and prevent any meaningful cross-racial dialogue. In this in-depth exploration, DiAngelo examines how white fragility develops, how it protects racial inequality, and what we can do to engage more constructively.

    So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo - In this New York Times bestseller, Ijeoma Oluo offers a hard-hitting but user-friendly examination of race in America
    Widespread reporting on aspects of white supremacy--from police brutality to the mass incarceration of African Americans--have made it impossible to ignore the issue of race. Still, it is a difficult subject to talk about. How do you tell your roommate her jokes are racist? Why did your sister-in-law take umbrage when you asked to touch her hair--and how do you make it right? How do you explain white privilege to your white, privileged friend?

    For Parents and Students to Read Together (These are available in the RES Library): 

    Stamped by Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds - this is a young readers edition and is conversationally written and talks about the history of racism directly.

    Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehishi Coates - a letter the author wrote to his then 13 year old African American son.  It has been a little while since I read this book but I do think it would be great as a read aloud with a younger teen.  

     Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson - there is a young readers version of this that I am recommending.  My daughter just read this (14 yrs old) and we watched the film as a family.  There is so much pain and loss in the stories of the people Stevenson has worked to free from death row and many tears were shed.  For 11, this might be a read together title.  

    Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes - An African American boy is shot and killed by a police officer and then observes the aftermath of his death as a ghost.  As a ghost he also meet Emmett Till. 

    From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Mark - Young girl from a blended family find out her father, in prison for killing someone, might not be guilty and that this conviction may have been racially motivated.  This book has a neat and tidy ending but tackles the issues of racial injustice in our system of law very well.  

    Black Brother, Black Brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes - a story of two black brothers, one who presents and white and how they are treated differently because of how people see them.  


    June 3, 2020: Our Commitment

    SPS and Robert Eagle Staff Middle School stand firmly with our students, families, and staff against the continued attacks on Black community members, including violence committed by law enforcement officers here in Seattle and are evaluating the role of School Emphasis Officers.


    May 25 Update: Locker Pick-Up, Medication Pick-Up, Parenting Video Link, 8th Grade Promotion, Library News, Tech Update

    Dear Eagle Staff Community,

    My heart is both heavy and full this Memorial Day as I reflect on loss in my own life, and in our shared communities.  I am mindful that many of you are grieving, and I am also grateful to so many of you who provide support, care, protection, healing, and comfort in times of safety and strife. In this watershed moment of pandemic we are ourselves at Eagle Staff like a watershed, collecting strength and wisdom like rain, each in our own way, gathering it together to nourish and sustain our future.  

    Our year is still very much in progress, thanks to our dedicated staff members and to you, caring adults at home, our students’ first teachers.  We honor the work you do to manage classes, work, uncertainty, and unfamiliarity.  All of this is new.  None of this is perfect. But if we work together with a vision of students who are curious, connected, and confident, we will have a strong foundation for whatever lies ahead. 

    Updates:  Locker and Medication Pick-Up; 8th Grade Promotion; Video of PTSA Parenting Event; Library Deliveries; Tech Update

    Locker and Medication Pick-Up:

     You will be able to pick up student locker contents on the following dates between 9 am and 3 pm: 

    • 6th grade-June 9 (pick-up time determined alphabetically)
    • 7th grade-June 10 (pick-up time determined alphabetically)
    • 8th grade-June 11 (pick-up time determined alphabetically)

    Pick-up will be curb-side or walk-up, and locker contents will be bagged, labeled, and organized alphabetically by grade level.  Staff members will be supervising to ensure that things are safe and secure, and also to say hello!

    We will send an updated message with a more specific pick-up time frame by alphabet so that we can make sure that you are able to pick up quickly and easily.  If you have students in two different grades, you may pick a day that works best for you.  You may not pick up locker contents for other students.  If the time you are assigned does not work, we will make other arrangements.

    Medication pick-up will take place during this same time frame, but we will also send more information soon.

    8th Grade Promotion:

     We love our 8th grade Ravens and we miss you!  We are planning some fun things to honor your transition into high school, including a video presentation that highlights YOU, an 8th grade gift that will be sent to you, and a chance to see your name scrolling on our reader-board.  The video will be ready for viewing by June 19th, and the scrolling reader-board will begin by June 1st.  Names will be in alphabetical order (first name only) so that you can safely come to school and take your picture when your name rolls by.  We hope to have a gathering later in the summer to honor your SOAR-ing to high school. 

    Video of “Parenting Tweens and Teens with Courage and Confidence” Event

    Here is a link to our wonderful Family Education Event, presented by Sound Discipline.  The topic is “Parenting Tweens and Teens With Courage and Confidence.”  Thank you to the PTSA for providing this opportunity!

    Message From our Library-Ravens Readers!

     #EagleStaffPrime book delivery is back up and running!  Our delivery model may look a little different BUT getting books into the hands of our #ravensreaders has not changed!  Eagle Staff Students can now use their school login and password to place hold on any books in our library.  Each week, Mrs. Wynkoop will review holds, contact readers and make arrangements for pick-up at school or delivery.  

     If you'd like to know how to place holds in Destiny Discover (our collection management software), just take a few brief minutes towatch this instructionalvideo and get started!  Students can place up to 20 holds!!

     While we are still waiting to see what summer library hours may, or may not, look like we are excited to be able to offer this option to our students.  It is a continuation of services that can continue throughout the summer, no matter what! 

     Rebecca Wynkoop

    Librarian, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School
    @eaglestafflib (Twitter & Instagram)

    Technology and Access Update

    We still have a limited number of District laptops we can check to students.  Ultimately, each Middle School student in Seattle will have a device, and we are working toward that goal.  Please contact Marni Campbell ( and/or your grade-level counselor (6th grade; 7th grade; 8th grade if you would like to check out a laptop.

    Timely Tech Tip:  If your student cannot access certain documents or hand in documents in Schoology, it’s most likely she/he is logged in with your or a sibling’s account.  The pages will look very similar.  Simply log out, clear out the history/cache, and log in again.

    Thank you!

    Marni Campbell, Principal


    Estimada Comunidad de Eagle Staff,

    Mi corazón está pesado y lleno este Memorial Day mientras reflexiono sobre la pérdida en mi propia vida y en nuestras comunidades compartidas. Estoy consciente de que muchos de ustedes están afligidos, y también estoy agradecido con tantos de ustedes que brindan apoyo, atención, protección, curación y consuelo en momentos de seguridad tal como lucha. En este momento decisivo de pandemia, somos nosotros mismos en Eagle Staff como una cuenca, reuniendo fuerza y sabiduría como la lluvia, cada uno a nuestra manera, reuniéndolo para alimentar y sostener nuestro futuro.

    Nuestro año todavía está muy en progreso, gracias a nuestro personal dedicado y a ustedes, adultos atentos en casa, los primeros maestros de nuestros estudiantes. Honramos el trabajo que están realizando para administrar las clases, el trabajo, la incertidumbre y la falta de familiaridad. Todo esto es nuevo. Nada de esto es perfecto. Pero si trabajamos juntos con una visión de estudiantes curiosos, conectados y seguros, tendremos una base sólida para lo que nos espera en el futuro.

    Actualizaciones: Armario y recogida de medicamentos; Promoción del 8º grado; Video del evento de padres de PTSA; Entregas de biblioteca; Actualización tecnológica


    Armario y recogida de medicamentos:

     Será posible recoger el contenido del armario de los estudiantes en las siguientes fechas entre las 9 am y las 3 pm:

    o 6to grado-9 de junio

    o 7 ° grado-10 de junio

    o 8 ° grado-11 de junio

    La recogida será en el lado de la acera o en la acera, y el contenido de los armarios será empaquetado, etiquetado y organizado alfabéticamente por nivel de grado. Los miembros del personal estarán supervisando para garantizar que las cosas estén seguras y protegidas, ¡y también para saludarles!

    Les enviaremos un mensaje actualizado con una hora de recogida más específica por orden alfabético para que podamos asegurarnos de que las cosas puedan ser recogidas rápida y fácilmente. Si tienen estudiantes en dos grados diferentes, pueden elegir el día que mejor funcione para ustedes. No se puede recoger el contenido del armario para otros estudiantes.

     La recolección de medicamentos se llevará a cabo durante este mismo período de tiempo, pero también les enviaremos más información pronto.

     Promoción del octavo grado:

    ¡Amamos a nuestros Cuervos del octavo grado y los extrañamos! Estamos planeando algunas cosas divertidas para honrar su transición a la escuela secundaria, incluyendo una presentación en video que se celebra a USTEDES, un regalo del octavo grado que se les enviará y la oportunidad de ver sus nombres desplazándose en nuestro tablero de lectores. El video estará listo para verse antes del 19 de junio, y el panel de lectura de desplazamiento comenzará el 1 de junio. Los nombres estarán en orden alfabético (solo el primer nombre) para que puedan venir a la escuela de manera segura y tomar una fotografía cuando pase su nombre. Esperamos tener una reunión más tarde en el verano para honrar su vuelta a la escuela secundaria.

     Video del evento “Crianza de preadolescentes y adolescentes con coraje y confianza”

    Aquí hay un enlace a nuestro maravilloso evento de educación familiar, presentado por Sound Discipline. El tema es "Crianza de preadolescentes y adolescentes con coraje y confianza". ¡Gracias a la PTSA por brindar esta oportunidad!

    Mensaje de nuestros lectores Biblioteca-Cuervos!

    ¡La entrega del libro #EagleStaffPrime ya funciona! Nuestro modelo de entrega parece un poco diferente, ¡pero poner los libros en manos de nuestros #ravensreaders no ha cambiado! Los empleados de Eagle Staff ahora pueden usar su nombre de usuario y contraseña de la escuela para retener cualquier libro de nuestra biblioteca. Cada semana, la Sra. Wynkoop revisará las retenciones, contactará a los lectores y hará los arreglos para que los recojan en la escuela o los entreguen.

    Si desean saber cómo colocar reservas en Destiny Discover (nuestro software de administración de colecciones), solo tome unos breves minutos para ver este video instructivo y comenzar. ¡Los estudiantes pueden colocar hasta 20 retenciones!

     Mientras todavía esperamos ver qué horario de biblioteca de verano puede parecer o no, estamos entusiasmados de poder ofrecer esta opción a nuestros estudiantes. Es una continuación de los servicios que pueden continuar durante todo el verano, ¡pase lo que pase!

     Rebecca Wynkoop

    Bibliotecario, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School

    @eaglestafflib (Twitter e Instagram)

    Actualización de tecnología y acceso

    Todavía tenemos un número limitado de computadoras portátiles del distrito que podemos prestar a los estudiantes. Esperamos que en el futuro, cada estudiante de secundaria en Seattle tendrá un dispositivo, y estamos trabajando para lograr ese objetivo. Por favor, pónganse en contacto con Marni Campbell ( y / o su consejero de nivel de grado (6to grado; séptimo grado; octavo grado si desean recibir una computadora portátil.

    Consejo técnico: si su estudiante no puede acceder a ciertos documentos o entregar documentos en Schoology, lo más probable es que haya iniciado sesión con su cuenta o la de un hermano. Las páginas se verán muy similares. Simplemente cierre sesión, borre el historial / caché e inicie sesión nuevamente.


    Marni Campbell, Directora

    May 13 Update: PTSA Event

    The PTSA invites you to join an online parent education event this Thursday, May 14th, at 7:00pm.

    This Zoom workshop will be led by Sahara Pirie of Sound Discipline who has taught ‘Parenting Teen’ classes for nearly a decade. She will talk about the changes that occur in tween/teen brain development, and tools for common parenting challenges including power struggles, sibling fights and clashes over screen time.

    In order to receive the Zoom link you must register via Eventbrite here (link also below). To tailor her presentation to current RESMS parent needs, Sahara has asked – what parenting challenges are you facing, especially now, with tweens/teens at home?

    You can email questions to We hope you can join - Thursday at 7pm!

    To register:


     May 3 Update

    Ravens SOAR together—even when we are apart.

    Ownership, Academic Focus, and Respect & Responsibility

    Dear Eagle Staff Community,

    We hope that you are staying safe and strong.  If you have any needs please let us know by contacting any of the following people:

    Marni Campbell:

    Katie Pearl, Assistant Principal:

    Chris Cordell, Assistant Principal:

    Carley Spitzer, Counselor:

    Nancy Martinez, Counselor:

    Carrie Syvertsen, Counselor:

    • Thank you to our wonderful PTSA and Ms. Wynkoop for providing books to our Ravens!Check out the announcement on our web page to see about getting a book.
    • We will send out a notification this week regarding ordering yearbooks.Sales will begin on May 18th so stay tuned!
    • It’s teacher appreciation week!We are so fortunate at Eagle Staff to have the most skilled, compassionate, innovative, and dedicated teachers I have ever seen!If you would like to send a message to thank a teacher, fill out this survey and we will make sure that they receive your message. Fill out a separate survey for each educator you wish to thank.Your messages will be collected and sent to the individual teachers.
    • April was Autism Awareness month.While we were not able to do so in person, we honor and celebrate neuro-diversity every single day as a Raven community.Thank you to our staff, students, and families who make ours a dynamic and diverse community of learners!
    • We have a limited number of laptops available for students who do not have access to one.If your Eagle Staff student is in need of a laptop in order to continue learning, please email Principal Campbell at

    Thank you and remember that we are stronger when we SOAR together!

     Marni Campbell, Principal


    Los cuervos SOAR juntos, incluso cuando estamos separados.

    Propiedad, enfoque académico y respeto y responsabilidad

     Estimada Comunidad de Eagle Staff,

    Esperamos que se mantengan seguros y fuertes. Si tienen alguna necesidad, comuníquense con cualquiera de las siguientes personas:

    Marni Campbell:

    Katie Pearl, Subdirectora:

    Chris Cordell, subdirector:

    Carley Spitzer, Consejera:

    Nancy Martinez, Consejera:

    Carrie Syvertsen, Consejera:

    • ¡Gracias a nuestra maravillosa PTSA y Ms. Wynkoop por proporcionar libros a nuestros Ravens! Consulten el anuncio en nuestra página web para ver cómo obtener un libro.

    • Enviaremos una notificación esta semana con respecto al pedido de anuarios. Las ventas comenzarán el 18 de mayo, ¡así que estén atentos!

    • ¡Es la semana de agradecimiento a los maestros! ¡Somos muy afortunados en Eagle Staff de tener los maestros más hábiles, compasivos, innovadores y dedicados que he visto! Si desean enviar un mensaje para agradecer a un maestro, completen esta encuesta y nos aseguraremos de que reciba su mensaje. Completen una encuesta por separado para cada educador que deseen agradecer. Sus mensajes serán recopilados y enviados a maestros individuales.

    • Abril fue el mes de la conciencia del autismo. Aunque no pudimos hacerlo en persona, honramos y celebramos la neuro-diversidad todos los días como una comunidad Raven. ¡Gracias a nuestro personal, estudiantes y familias que hacen de la nuestra una comunidad dinámica y diversa de estudiantes!

    • Tenemos un número limitado de computadoras portátiles disponibles para estudiantes que no tienen acceso a una. Si su estudiante de Eagle Staff necesita una computadora portátil para continuar aprendiendo, envíen un correo electrónico a la directora Campbell a

    ¡Gracias y recuerden que somos más fuertes cuando SOAR juntos!

    Marni Campbell, directora



    April 27 Update

    We have an NEW amazing opportunity to buy you books and deliver them to your doorstep!  In our first round of deliveries we were able to deliver books to over 150 students (publisher's donation AND anonymous Phinney Books donor).

    A HUGE thank you to our PTSA for providing a generous grant to buy books for our #ravensreaders!

    Watch the videoto see which books are available and listen to their brief descriptions.  Once students have made their selection,just fill out this formand choose your favorite book from the list.  We'll wait 1 week to order and then we'll simply start delivering books!

    All 10 titles were published in 2019 and 2020 and are HOT!  Students can access all videos, links and forms via the library's Schoology page.

    Book Covers

    Updated April 22, 2020

    Check out our own Eagle Staff Schoology video tours in English and Spanish! 

    Schoology Video in Spanish

    Schoology Video in English

    Huge thanks to our Eagle Staff teachers, and to Ms. Roenicke and Ms. Martinez for these fantastic videos!



    At Robert Eagle Staff Middle School we are nurturing leaders who are engaged scholars, artists, and activists.  Eagle Staff Mission Statement

    Dear Eagle Staff Community,

    When we wrote our Mission Statement as a new school community, our working motto was “dream ambitiously.”  We imagined our ideal middle school without the limitations of “the way it’s always been” but instead inspired by the open-ended question, “What if?!”

    Four years ago, as we prepared to open our wonderful school, we may not have been able to predict our current pandemic and school closure, but our ambitious, student-centered has prepared us well to meet this challenge with an unapologetic commitment to equity and excellence.  I could not be more proud of our students, families, and staff.

    Our students are reaching out to one another and to our staff, staying strong, and facing uncertainty with so much grace and courage.  Our families have responded with selfless care, providing support to one another in many different ways.  Our staff members have risen so beautifully to this challenge, learning new ways of building community, building authentic learning opportunities, and maintaining caring relationships. 

    One of our foundational beliefs in Seattle Schools is that “Racism in our society exerts a downward force on the experiences and achievement of students of color that must be met with active countermeasures.”  As we continue to adapt and respond, we will continue to be guided by this belief, ensuring that ALL students have not just access but success in every element of their middle school experience.  

    To that end, we are working on aligning each and every course on Schoology so that there is clarity and consistency.  Some details:

    • Each course will have the same visual organization, with a clearly-labeled weekly folder of work posted each Sunday night with a weekly checklist and an organized set of calendar invitations; 
    • We have our own internal Eagle Staff schedule for “live” class meeting times so that meetings don’t overlap and/or overwhelm;
    • We will send you a handy video tour next week; and
    • Our counselors are providing daily open office hours from 2:45-3:30 to provide continued support to students.

    In addition, we are providing the following supports:

    • We are providing our own supplemental Eagle Staff packets, available on our web page and also in hard copy at daily lunch pick-up (11 am to 1 pm in our Eagle Staff cafeteria);
    • 8th graders, we will also have hard copies of high school registration information available this week, also at daily lunch pick-up; and
    • We are regularly updating our Eagle Staff web page with current information and news.

    Note:  We are working with SPS on a plan for locker clean-out and will let you know how and when this will happen.

    Thank you, Eagle Staff, for being a community that dreams ambitiously no matter what the challenge.


    Marni Campbell, Principal

    In Spanish:

    En la Escuela Intermedia Robert Eagle Staff, estamos cultivando líderes que son académicos, artistas y activistas comprometidos. Declaración de la misión de Eagle Staff

    Estimada Comunidad de Eagle Staff,

    Cuando creamos nuestra Declaración de Misión como una nueva comunidad escolar, nuestra lema de trabajo era "soñar con ambición." Nos imaginamos nuestra escuela intermedia ideal sin las limitaciones de "la forma en que siempre ha sido," sino que nos inspiramos en la pregunta abierta, "¡¿Qué pasa si ?!"

    Hace cuatro años, mientras nos preparábamos para abrir nuestra maravillosa escuela, es posible que no hayamos podido predecir nuestra actual pandemia y el cierre de la escuela, pero nuestro ambicioso y centrado en los estudiantes nos ha preparado bien para enfrentar este desafío con un compromiso sin complejos de equidad y excelencia. No podría estar más orgulloso de nuestros estudiantes, familias y personal.

    Nuestros estudiantes se están acercando unos a otros y a nuestro personal, manteniéndose fuertes, enfrentando la incertidumbre con tanta gracia y coraje. Nuestras familias han respondido con cuidado desinteresado, brindándose apoyo mutuo de muchas maneras diferentes. Los miembros de nuestro personal se han enfrentado tan bien a este desafío, aprendiendo nuevas formas de construir comunidad, construyendo oportunidades de aprendizaje auténticas y manteniendo relaciones afectuosas.

    Una de nuestras creencias fundamentales en las Escuelas de Seattle es que "el racismo en nuestra sociedad ejerce una fuerza descendente sobre las experiencias y el logro de los estudiantes de color que deben cumplirse con contramedidas activas." A medida que continuamos adaptándonos y respondiendo, continuaremos guiándonos por esta creencia, asegurando que TODOS los estudiantes tengan no solo acceso sino éxito en cada elemento de su experiencia en la escuela intermedia.

    Con ese fin, estamos trabajando en alinear todos y cada uno de los cursos de Schoology para que haya claridad y consistencia. Algunos detalles:

    • Cada curso tendrá la misma organización visual, con una carpeta semanal de trabajo claramente etiquetada publicada cada domingo por la noche con una lista de verificación semanal y un conjunto organizado de invitaciones de calendario;
    • Tenemos nuestro propio horario interno de Eagle Staff para los horarios de las reuniones de clase "en vivo" para que las reuniones no se superpongan y / o abrumen;
    • Le enviaremos un práctico video tour la próxima semana; y
    • Nuestros consejeros brindan horario de oficina abierto todos los días de 2: 45-3: 30 para seguir apoyando a los estudiantes.

    Además, proporcionamos los siguientes soportes:

    • Estamos proporcionando nuestros propios paquetes suplementarios de Eagle Staff, disponibles en nuestra página web y también en copia impresa en la recogida diaria del almuerzo (11 am a 1 pm en nuestra cafetería de Eagle Staff);
    • Alumnos de 8º grado, esta semana también tendremos copias impresas de la información de registro de la escuela secundaria, también en la recogida diaria del almuerzo; y
    • Actualizamos regularmente nuestra página del internet de Eagle Staff con información y noticias actuales.

    Nota: Estamos trabajando con SPS en un plan para la limpieza del casillero y le informaremos cómo y cuándo sucederá esto.

    Gracias, Eagle Staff, por ser una comunidad que sueña ambiciosamente sin importar el desafío.


    Marni Campbell, Principal







    Updated April 9, 2020

    Dear Ravens Readers & Eagle Staff Families,                                                     4/9/2020

    Cactus Flowers

    A lot has changed since I wrote last.  We now know that we will not be back to  school for the remainder of the school year.  I drop into the library once a week briefly to feed out fish and water out plants.  While I was in the library this week I found that our cactus had bloomed.  It was a beautiful reminder that while these are challenging times, there is beauty and hope all around us.  I am hopeful, that our summer library hours may be the time and place that we get to be together again.  That makes my heart happy.  I’ll certainly keep you posted as the summer months get closer.

    The library’s Schoology page is better than ever and I am continuing to post information there for students regarding our weekly online hangouts (Thursdays 10am), our book clubs (Thursdays 3pm) and instructions for how students can access ebooks and audiobooks.  This week out book club finished New Kid by Jerry Craft.  This Newberry winning graphic novel is available free to all students with their SPL Library Link card on Hoopla.  Instructions for Hoopla can be found on the library’s Schoology page.  One of the BEST things about Hoopla is that it is a free streaming service that does not require holds – books, graphic novels, music, movies and television are all instantly available.   

    Pie ChartMarch Book Madness!  Voting is live and we now have our championship titles.  In what can only be considered a come from behind defeat of two powerhouse books, Ghost by Jason Reynolds is competing against Front Desk by Kelly Yang.  As of Thursday morning 4/9, Front Desk was leading 56% to 44%.  Voting is open throughout Spring Break and we’ll announce our winner when we get “back” on April 20, 2020.

    Project LIT challenge is still on and open to all grades. 

    Look for the Project LIT Challenge folder on Schoology where you can find a form to continue to submit Windows and Mirrors.  6th, 7th and 8th grade Ravens Readers can all submit windows and Mirrors. In the first week of our “online” challenge, over 87 windows and mirrors were submitted by our #ravensreaders.


    I’d LOVE to see photos of where your students choose to read.  The library is on both Instagram and twitter @eaglestafflib.  Snap a photo of where you OR your student is reading.  Post and include the #whereiread, #ravensreaders and @eaglestafflib OR you can e-mail your pictures to me directly I am finding it hard to sit and stay focused in my reading and finding a cozy place has helped a lot.  Sunshine, of course has been an added bonus this week as well. 

    Finally, just a reminder to allow reading to be an enjoyable experience.  Audio books, ebooks, favorite books we’ve re-read 100 times, reading with siblings, parent read aloud, even building a fort and climbing in can provide comfort to our readers in uncertain times.  Book choice is something we can allow our readers to control.  Looking for ways to motivate and encourage your middle schooler to read? Consider a few of the suggestions in the article “17 Ways to Keep Your Middle Schooler Interested in Reading.”

    Much love Ravens Readers and families,

    Ms. Wynkoop 

    @eaglestafflib on Instagram  & Twitter


    In Spanish

    Estimadas familias de Ravens Readers y Eagle Staff, 4/9/2020

    CactusMucho ha cambiado desde la última vez que escribí. Ahora sabemos que no volveremos a la escuela por el resto del año escolar. Voy a la biblioteca una vez por semana brevemente para alimentar a los peces y regar las plantas. Mientras estaba en la biblioteca esta semana, descubrí que nuestro cactus había florecido. Fue un hermoso recuerdo de que, si, bien, estos son tiempos difíciles, pero hay belleza y esperanza a nuestro alrededor. Tengo la esperanza de que nuestras horas de biblioteca de verano sean el momento y el lugar en el que podamos estar juntos nuevamente. Eso hace feliz a mi corazón. Ciertamente los mantendré informados a medida que se acerquen los meses de verano.

    La página de Schoology de la biblioteca es mejor que nunca y sigo publicando información allí para los estudiantes sobre nuestros lugares de reunión semanales en línea (jueves 10 a.m.), nuestros grupos de lectura (jueves 3 p.m.) e instrucciones sobre cómo los estudiantes pueden acceder a libros electrónicos y audiolibros. Esta semana, el grupo de lectura terminó New Kid por Jerry Craft. Esta novela gráfica y ganadora de Newberry está disponible gratuitamente para todos los estudiantes con su tarjeta SPL Library Link en Hoopla. Las instrucciones para Hoopla se pueden encontrar en la página de Schoology de la biblioteca. Una de las MEJORES cosas de Hoopla es que es un servicio de transmisión gratuito que no requiere retenciones: libros, novelas gráficas, música, películas y televisión están disponibles al instante.

    Pie ChartMarch Book Madness! La votación es en vivo y ahora tenemos nuestros títulos de campeonato. En lo que solo se puede considerar una venida detrás de la derrota de dos libros poderosos, Ghost by Jason Reynolds compite contra Front Desk por Kelly Yang. A partir del jueves 4/9 por la mañana, la recepción lideraba 56% a 44%. La votación está abierta durante las vacaciones de primavera y anunciaremos a nuestro ganador cuando "regresemos" el 20 de abril de 2020.

    El desafío del Proyecto LIT todavía está abierto y abierto a todos los grados.

    Busque la carpeta Project LIT Challenge en Schoology donde puede encontrar un formulario para continuar enviando Windows y Mirrors. Los lectores Ravens de sexto, séptimo y octavo grado pueden enviar ventanas y espejos. En la primera semana de nuestro desafío "en línea", nuestros #ravensreaders enviaron más de 87 ventanas y espejos.

    Me ENCANTARÍA ver fotos de donde sus alumnos eligen leer. La biblioteca está tanto en Instagram Reading Picturecomo en Twitter @eaglestafflib. Tome una foto de donde usted o su estudiante está leyendo. Publique e incluya #whereiread, #ravensreaders y @eaglestafflib O puede enviarme sus fotos por correo electrónico directamenterlwynkoop@seattleschools.orgMe resulta difícil sentarme y concentrarme en mi lectura y encontrar un lugar cómodo ha ayudado mucho . El brillo solar, por supuesto, también ha sido una ventaja adicional esta semana.

    Finalmente, solo un recordatorio para permitir que la lectura sea una experiencia agradable. Los audiolibros, los libros electrónicos, los libros favoritos que volvemos a leer 100 veces, los leímos con los hermanos, los padres los leímos en voz alta, incluso construir una muralla y escalar pueden brindar confort a nuestros lectores en tiempos de incertidumbre. La elección de libros es algo que podemos permitir que nuestros lectores controlen. ¿Busca maneras de motivar y animar a su hijo de secundaria a leer? Considere algunas de las sugerencias en el artículo "17 maneras de mantener a su estudiante de secundaria interesado en la lectura."

    Mucho amor Ravens Readers y familias,

    Ms. Wynkoop 

    @eaglestafflib on Instagram  & Twitter






    Updated April 6, 2020

    Message in English:

    Supplemental Packets

    Hello Raven Family,

    To provide extra supports for continuous learning, we are providing some printed materials to accompany online lessons and materials. Beginning April 6th, packets will be printed and available during the 11 am – 1 pm lunch pickup Monday through Friday at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School. It is not mandatory that you pick up packets.  They are provided as an extra resource for you.

    All created packets will be posted online in your teacher’s Schoology page and will also be available on a special section of the Eagle Staff Website.

    It is not required that you pick up materials.  They are intended to be an additional resource.  If you would like a packet and are unable to come to school to pick up, reach out to me ( and/or your grade-level counselor (6th grade:; 7th grade: 8th grade: and we will make sure to mail it to your physical address or connect you with the needed packet.

    If you have any questions, please let me know. The packets that have been created thus far are listed below. Additional packets will be added, so please check the Eagle Staff Packet Section of the Website along with your Schoology page.


    -Mr. Cordell, Assistant Principal

    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School



    Packet Links for Week of April 6th, 2020


    Mathematics – Mr. Knoerlein – Area of Rectangles #1-5

    Language Arts


    Hola familia Raven,
    Para proporcionar apoyos adicionales para el aprendizaje continuo, estamos proporcionando algunos materiales impresos para acompañar las lecciones y materiales en línea. A partir del 6 de abril, los paquetes serán imprimidos y estarán disponibles durante el almuerzo de 11 a.m. a 1 p.m. de lunes a viernes en la Escuela Intermedia Robert Eagle Staff. Los paquetes no son obligatorios. Se los proporcionan como un recurso adicional para ustedes.
    Todos los paquetes creados se publicarán en línea en la página de Schoology de su maestro y también estarán disponibles en una sección especial del sitio web de Eagle Staff.
    No es necesario que recojan estos materiales. Se los ofrecemos como un recurso adicional. Si desean un paquete y no pueden venir a la escuela para recogerlo, comuníquense conmigo ( y / o su consejero de nivel de grado (6to grado:; 7mo grado: namartinez @ / 8vo grado: y se lo enviaremos por correo a su dirección física o conectarles con el paquete necesario.
    Si tienen alguna pregunta, por favor háganmelo saber. Los paquetes que se han creado hasta ahora se enumeran a continuación. Se agregarán paquetes adicionales, por lo tanto, consulten la sección de paquetes de Eagle Staff del sitio web junto con su página de Schoology.
    -Señor. Cordell, subdirector
    Escuela Intermedia Robert Eagle Staff

    Enlaces de paquetes para la semana del 6 de abril de 2020
    • Grado 6
    • Grado 7
    • Grado 8
    Matemáticas - Sr. Knoerlein - Área de rectángulos # 1-5
    Artes del lenguaje


     Updated April 5, 2020: Guidelines For Families in English & Spanish

    • Set a learning schedule that works for your family

    • Students, plan to check Schoology a minimum of 4x/week

    • Check on each class to see what’s happening

    • Students, don’t spend more than 90 minutes per day doing class work on the computer

    • Do spend time completing work that is not on the computer—reading, writing, practicing, exercising, drawing, math practice, science exploration, etc. (suggested 90-120 minutes per day, total)

    • Our counselors will be available every day from 2:45 to 3:45 PM for check-ins

    Student Checklist Schedule (for families)

    Check Schoology page four times per week and engage in learning opportunities for each course. Look for daily or weekly plans from each class.

    Language Arts



    Social Studies

    Elective 1: _____________

    Elective2: ______________ (The reason we have not named the elective is because they are different for each student)

    Are you clear what is expected from each of your classes?

    Yes, all of them/Most of them/Not at all

    Note: Teachers plan 20-30 min per day or 120 min per week. No more

    Message in Spanish:

    Linea directiva para estudiantes y familias:

    • Establezca un horario de aprendizaje que funcione para su familia

    • Estudiantes, planeen verificar Schoology un mínimo de 4x / semana

    • Verifique cada clase para ver qué está pasando

    • Estudiantes, no pasen más de 90 minutos por día haciendo trabajo de clase en la computadora

    • Dedique tiempo a completar el trabajo que no está en la computadora: leer, escribir, hacer ejercicio, dibujar, practicar matemáticas, ciencias exploración, etc. (sugerido 90-120 minutos por día, total)

    • Nuestras consejeras estarán disponibles todos los días de 2:45 a 3:45 PM para un check-in.

    Lista de verificación del estudiante (para familias)

    Consulte la página de Schoology cuatro veces por semana y participe en oportunidades de aprendizaje para cada curso. Busque planes diarios o semanales de cada clase.

    Artes del lenguaje



    Estudios sociales

    Electiva 1: _____________

    Electiva 2: ______________

    (La razón por la que no hemos nombrado la materia optativa es porque son diferentes para cada estudiante)

    ¿Tienes claro lo que se espera de cada una de tus clases?

    Sí, todos.

    La mayoría de ellos.

    Nota: Los maestros planean 20-30 minutos por día o 120 minutos por semana. No más




    Hello Ravens!

    I want to begin with saying thank you! Thank you for supporting each other in establishing drastically new schedules, advocating for the needs and supports of your family and or those in your community, staying engaged as we adjust to engaging in online learning and for having grace for everyone as we all adjust, but stay engaged. Check out a video message here.

    I absolutely miss seeing every Raven face transitioning in the halls, but am also loving seeing these same faces digitally.  To ensure we see that every Raven can engage in online learning, we will continue to reach out and work together to ameliorate any barrier that may be present.

    It is so important we stay connected and engaged with the amazing learning relationships we have established this school year. We are all being challenged to reinvent the ways we maintain these relationships and I am so happy this challenge, this work, is with all of you.

    Please reach out with any and all barriers that may be limiting your ability to participate on Schoology. You can contact me by email,, by phone 206-413-2315 or message me on Schoology. I would also love to hear about things that are helping you during this time we are not physically in school. I am looking forward to connecting with more students on Schoology.

    See you soon,

    Ms. Pearl

    In Spanish:

    In Spanish:

    Hola Ravens!

    Quiero comenzar diciendo gracias! Gracias por apoyarse unos a otros para establecer horarios drásticamente nuevos, abogar por las necesidades y el apoyo de su familia y aquellos en su comunidad. Gracias por mantenerse comprometidos mientras nos adaptamos para participar en el aprendizaje en línea y por tener gracia para todos mientras todos nos adaptamos, pero permanecen comprometido. Mira un mensaje de video aquí.

    Realmente extraño ver cada cara de Ravens en transición en los pasillos, pero también me encanta ver estas mismas caras digitalmente. Para asegurarnos de que veamos que cada Raven puede participar en el aprendizaje en línea, continuaremos extendiéndonos y trabajando juntos para mejorar cualquier barrera que pueda estar presente.

    Es muy importante que nos mantengamos conectados y comprometidos con las increíbles relaciones de aprendizaje que hemos establecido este año escolar. Todos estamos siendo desafiados a reinventar las formas en que mantenemos estas relaciones y estoy muy feliz de que este desafío, este trabajo, esté con todos ustedes.

    Comuníquese con todas y cada una de las barreras que pueden estar limitando su capacidad de participar en Schoology. Puede contactarme por correo electrónico,, por teléfono 206-413-2315 o enviarme un mensaje en Schoology. También me encantaría saber sobre cosas que te están ayudando durante este tiempo que no estamos físicamente en la escuela. Espero conectarme con más estudiantes en Schoology.

    Te veo pronto,

    Ms. Pearl

    Updated March 27, 2020


    Hello Eagle Staff Students and Families, 

    This past two weeks we have been faced with a very rapid transition in our day-to-day life that leaves us feeling a flood of different emotions and has our thoughts scattered in many different directions. Our hope is that through our teacher, counselor, and administrator outreach last week, your family felt heard, cared for and part of a community at Eagle Staff that is devoted to working together to meet the needs of our students and families through this challenging time.

    In these coming weeks, we want you to know that the counseling team is here for you. If you are concerned about your student or you student wants to connect with their grade level counselor, we can be reached via email or Schoology:

    6th Grade: Carley Spitzer

    7th Grade: Nancy Martinez

    8th Grade: Carrie Syvertsen

    If you or your student need mental health support, below are mental health resources in our community that are accepting new clients as of 3/23/2020 via telehealth:

    Center for Human Services (Located in Shoreline)


    Consejo Counseling and Referral Service (specializing in services to the Latino community)


    Ryther (Located in North Seattle)


    Sea Mar Community Health Centers (Specializing in service to Latino community)


    Seattle Counseling Service (specializing in services to the LGTB community)


    You Grow Girl!


    *Serving current clients and accepting new clients through telehealth

    *Offers free virtual support group via Zoom every Thursday @ 12 for young ladies 11-18 call (206) 417-9904 or email to get the access code to the weekly meetings

    If your student is in crisis and needs immediate support below are crisis resources:

    CCORS - Children’s Crisis Outreach Response System and ISS – Intensive Stabilization Services (Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for children experiencing a mental health crisis)


    Crisis Connections 24-Hr Crisis Support

    866-427-4747 or 206-461-3222

    King County Crisis Line 24-Hr Crisis Support


    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24-Hr Support



    1-866-teenlink (833-6546)

    In health and hope, 

    The Eagle Staff Counseling Team


    Un mensaje de nuestras consejeras


    Hola estudiantes y familias del personal de Eagle Staff,


    Las últimas dos semanas nos hemos enfrentado a una transición muy rápida en nuestra vida  que nos deja sintiendo una avalancha de emociones diferentes y tiene nuestros pensamientos dispersos en muchas direcciones diferentes. Nuestra esperanza es que, a través de nuestra esfuerza de maestros, consejeros y administradores la semana pasada, su familia se sintió escuchada, cuidada y parte de una comunidad en Eagle Staff. Nosotros nos dedicamos a trabajar juntos para satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros estudiantes y familias durante este momento desafiante.


    En las próximas semanas, queremos que sepan que el equipo de consejeras están aquí para ayudar. Si está preocupado por su estudiante o si su estudiante quiere conectarse con su consejera de nivel de grado, puede comunicarse con nosotras por correo electrónico o Schoology:


    6to Grado: Carley

    Séptimo Grado: Nancy Martí

    8vo Grado: Carrie


    Si usted o su estudiante necesitan apoyo de salud mental, a continuación encontrará recursos de salud mental en nuestra comunidad que aceptan nuevos clientes a partir del 23/03/2020 a través de telesalud:

    Center for Human Services (Located in Shoreline)


    Consejo Counseling and Referral Service (specializing in services to the Latino community)


    Ryther (Located in North Seattle)


    Sea Mar Community Health Centers (Specializing in service to Latino community)


    Seattle Counseling Service (specializing in services to the LGTB community)


    You Grow Girl!


    *Serving current clients and accepting new clients through telehealth

    *Offers free virtual support group via Zoom every Thursday @ 12 for young ladies 11-18 call (206) 417-9904 or email to get the access code to the weekly meetings

    If your student is in crisis and needs immediate support below are crisis resources:

    CCORS - Children’s Crisis Outreach Response System and ISS – Intensive Stabilization Services (Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for children experiencing a mental health crisis)


    Crisis Connections 24-Hr Crisis Support

    866-427-4747 or 206-461-3222

    King County Crisis Line 24-Hr Crisis Support


    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24-Hr Support



    1-866-teenlink (833-6546)


    Updated March 25, 2020


    Dear Ravens Readers & Eagle Staff Families,

    I miss you all and I have been thinking about how we can continue to share our reading lives and enjoy our time together in our library, even from within our own homes. Our library, as many of you know, keeps both Twitter and Instagram accounts (@eaglestafflib is the handle for both). For almost daily updates feel free to follow and add the Eagle Staff Library to your feed.


    In addition, Librarians are irrepressible information sharers, so I’ll be posting information and resources on Schoology as well. In your students’ Schoology account, this “Library” course shows up as Program Support B (S2 10A 113). I’ll be using this Schoology page to help us all take care of each other, our wider community, and ourselves as we move through our time at home.


    Students, wondering what to do this week? 

    Look for theProject LITChallenge folderon Schoology where you can find a form to continue tosubmit Windows and Mirrors. 6th,7thand 8thgrade Ravens Readers can all submit windows and Mirrors. 

    OurMarch Book Madness Competitionis still ON! Voting is liveand we are down to our Elite 8. 

    Join me and other Ravens on Zoom for virtual library hangouts!The Zoom code will be on Schoology. To start, I'll be hosting for an hour on Thursdays from 11am-12 noon and anybody can drop in anytime for as long as they like. 

    ZOOM:Zoom is an online videoconferencing app that's free (and making their premium services available to schools affected by COVID-19). It's FERPA-compliant, which means that it meets the student privacy laws that are required by the district. No sign-up necessary to join in a room, though if you decide to use your phone you have to download the app. (Families - please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns!) 

    Finally, families, one last librarian soapbox moment as you hunker down and support students (and yourselves) with all the worry and care and unknowns of this crisis: please, allow yourself and your kids to read what sparks joy!

    Don’t worry about reading being “challenging” or “academic” enough, or about students reading “at their level.” Reading for pleasure has been proven to reduce stress in a real and meaningful way as well as building empathy and social-emotional skills.

    Re-reading and reading books that are “too easy” also strengthens crucial neural pathways for academic reading success, for the exact same reasons that musicians play scales and professional athletes run drills.

    Remember, too, that some people are re-readers… a favorite book is like a comforting blanket. Whether it’s reading Wimpy Kid for the ten millionth time, or webcomics, or fan fiction, or audiobooks, or Harry Potter, or Shakespeare, reading is both solace and fuel.

    Much love Ravens Readers- 

    Ms. Wynkoop 

    @eaglestafflibonInstagram & Twitter

    P.S. Continue to visit our Eagle Staff Middle School Library webpagefor more tips to support readers as we get through this together!


    Estimadas familias de Ravens Readers y Eagle Staff,

    Los extraño a todos y he estado pensando en cómo podemos continuar compartiendo nuestras vidas de lectura y disfrutar nuestro tiempo juntos en nuestra biblioteca, aunque sea en nuestros propios hogares. Nuestra biblioteca, como muchos de ustedes saben, se comunica por Twitter e Instagram (@eaglestafflib). Para actualizaciones casi diarias, siéntense libres de seguir y agregar la biblioteca de Eagle Staff a su feed.

    Además, los bibliotecarios comparten información irreprimible, por lo que también publicaré información y recursos en Schoology. En la página de Schoology de sus alumnos, este curso de "Biblioteca" aparece como Soporte de programa B (S2 10A 113). Usaré esta página de Schoology para ayudarnos a cuidarnos unos a otros, a nuestra comunidad en general y a nosotros mismos a medida que avanzamos en nuestro tiempo en casa.

    Estudiantes, ¿no saben qué hacer esta semana?

    Busquen la carpeta Project LIT Challenge en Schoology donde se encuentra un formulario para continuar enviando Windows y Mirrors. Los lectores Ravens de sexto, séptimo y octavo grado pueden enviar Windows and Mirrors.

    ¡Nuestra competencia de March Book Madness todavía está abierta! La votación está en vivo y estamos en nuestro Elite 8.

    ¡Únense a mí y a otros Ravens on Zoom para pasar el rato en bibliotecas virtuales! El código de Zoom estará en Schoology. Para comenzar, seré anfitrión durante una hora los jueves de 11 am a 12 del mediodía y cualquiera puede venir en cualquier momento durante el tiempo que desee.

    ZOOM: Zoom es una aplicación de videoconferencia en línea que es gratuita (y pone sus servicios premium a disposición de las escuelas afectadas por COVID-19). Cumple con FERPA, lo que significa que cumple con las leyes de privacidad de los estudiantes que exige el distrito. No es necesario registrarse para unirse a una habitación, aunque si decide usar su teléfono, debe descargar la aplicación. (Familias, ¡no duden en comunicarse conmigo si tienen alguna pregunta o inquietud!)

    Finalmente, familias, un último recordatorio mientras se agachan y apoyan a los estudiantes (y a ustedes mismos) con toda la preocupación, el cuidado y las incógnitas de esta crisis: ¡por favor, permítanse a usted y a sus estudiantes leer lo que despierta alegría!

    No se preocupen si la lectura es lo suficientemente "desafiante" o "académica", o si los estudiantes leen "a su nivel". Se ha demostrado que leer por placer reduce el estrés de una manera real y significativa, además de desarrollar empatía y habilidades socioemocionales.

    Re-leer y leer libros que son "demasiado fáciles" también fortalece las vías neuronales cruciales para el éxito académico de lectura, por las mismas razones por las que los músicos tocan escalas y los atletas profesionales realizan ejercicios.

    Recuerden también que algunas personas son relecturas ... un libro favorito es como una manta reconfortante. Ya sea que esté leyendo Wimpy Kid por décima millonésima vez, o webcomics, o fanfiction, o audiolibros, o Harry Potter, o Shakespeare, la lectura es a la vez consuelo y combustible.

    Mucho amor Ravens Readers-
    Ms. Wynkoop
    @eaglestafflib en Instagram y Twitter

    PD ¡Continúen visitando nuestra página web de la Biblioteca de la Escuela Eagle Staff para obtener más consejos para apoyar a los lectores a medida que avanzamos juntos!

    Rebecca Wynkoop


    Librarian, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School
    @eaglestafflib(Twitter & Instagram)


    Dear Eagle Staff Community,

    It is Monday March 23rd and we miss you!  Please know that our primary focus is on staying connected to you and to our students.  We are connected to the earth, connected to each other, connected to the past, and connected to the future.  If we grow together during this uncertain time, we will survive and thrive.  

    Starting today learning packets will be available at food pick up, and beginning tomorrow March 24 we will also have free reading books that you can take with you.  Seattle Schools has also posted the first group of learning videos.  While most of them are elementary focused, our very own Shana Brown has posted the first in a series of lessons that are perfect for our students, focused on Celilo Falls.  Check it out here!  

    We will update content on our web page regularly, so come back soon!


    Marni Campbell, Principal

    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School





    Dear Eagle Staff Community,

    Starting tomorrow, March 16th, lunch will be available for students at 26 school sites in Seattle. Robert Eagle Staff Middle School will be one of the sites, and will serve lunch for any Seattle Public Schools students from 11am to 1pm, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the school closure.

    Grab and go meals are available for all students of any grade level, but students cannot stay at the school to eat them because of “social distancing” guidance from state and local health agencies. You will enter the building through the east doors to the cafeteria, by the honoring circle. If you need accessibility support, staff will be available to provide access to another entrance or bring the food outside.

    See details in a letter from Seattle Schools in the following languages: Amharic, Chinese, English, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese

    You can find the most current information about Seattle Schools and COVID-19 here.

    Please contact us via email at or phone, 206-413-2300, if you have any needs. Remember that the North Seattle Boys and Girls Club is open every day from 7 am to 6 pm during the period of school closure, and beginning next week Eagle Staff teachers will be calling to check in regularly with every one of our students.

    We hope that you are well; we miss our Ravens!

    Take care and be safe,
    Dr. Marni Campbell, Principal
    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School



    Dear Eagle Staff,

    A partir de mañana, el16 de marzo, el almuerzo estará disponible para los estudiantes en 26 colegios en Seattle. Robert Eagle Staff Middle School será uno de los sitios, y servirá almuerzo para todos los estudiantes de Seattle Public Schools de 11 am a 1 pm, de lunes a viernes durante el cierre de los colegios. Las comidas para llevar están disponibles para todos los estudiantes de cualquier nivel de grado, pero los estudiantes no pueden quedarse en el colegio para comerlas debido a la orientación de las agencias de salud estatales y locales. Se entrará al edificio por la puerta este de la cafetería, por el círculo de honor. Si se necesita apoyo de accesibilidad, el personal estará disponible para proporcionar acceso a otra entrada o llevar la comida afuera.
    Puede encontrar la información más actualizada sobre las Escuelas de Seattle y COVID-19 aquí.

    Comuníquese con la escuela por correo electrónico,, o por teléfono, 206-413-2300 si tiene alguna necesidad.
    Recuerden que el North Seattle Boys and Girls Club estará abierto todos los días de 7 am a 6 pm durante el período de cierre de la escuela, y a partir de la próxima semana, un maestro de Eagle Staff llamará para comunicar cada semana con cada uno de nuestros estudiantes.
    ¡Esperamos que estén bien y extrañaremos a nuestros Cuervos!
    Dr. Campbell, Principal
    Robert Eagle Staff


    For up-to-date information and additional resources, including how to stay healthy, visit the district’s coronavirus disease 2019 news announcement.

    Dear Eagle Staff Community,

    As we anticipate school closures beginning tomorrow, March 12, we want to let you know about some supports:

    • The North Seattle Boys and Girls Club will be open from 7 am to 6 pm during the school closure. Students who are enrolled may attend for free.
    • Students may engage in learning activities posted on teachers' Schoology pages. This work is not required and will not be graded, but students can access content to stay engaged in learning.
    • If you have any needs please email Ms. Campbell at We will try to provide whatever we can to support you during this unusual time.

    Thank you and take care.

    Dr. Marni Campbell, Principal
    Robert Eagle Staff Middle School


    Dear Eagle Staff Community,

    Como anticipamos el cierre de las escuelas a partir de mañana, 12 de marzo, queremos informarle sobre algunos apoyos:

    • El Club de Niños y Niñas del Norte de Seattle estará abierto de 7 am a 6 pm durante el cierre de la escuela. Los estudiantes inscritos pueden asistir de forma gratuita.
    • Los estudiantes pueden participar en actividades de aprendizaje publicadas en las páginas de Schoology de los maestros. Este trabajo no es obligatorio y no será calificado, pero los estudiantes pueden acceder al contenido para mantenerse interesados en el aprendizaje.
    • Si tiene alguna necesidad, envíe un correo electrónico a la Sra. Campbell a Intentaremos proporcionar todo lo que podamos para apoyarlo durante este momento inusual.

    Gracias y cuidate.

    Dra. Marni Campbell, Directora
    Escuela Intermedia Robert Eagle Staff