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    Welcome to Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, where we
    are nurturing leaders who are engaged citizens, scholars, artists, and activists.

    Dear Eagle Staff 6th  Grade Students and Families,


    Welcome to the Robert Eagle Staff Middle School community. It is an honor to partner with you in your middle school journey. Over the next few years you will have the chance to explore new ideas, master new skills, and learn from your teachers and peers. Our primary goal is to ensure that you as a student are challenged to grow in core academic content, in critical thinking and problem solving, in your ability to collaborate and communicate, and in developing a strong belief in yourself. We want you to have fun and learn that you can do anything with hard work and persistence.


    Mark your calendar for June 5 from 5:30 to 7:30PM, when we will host a welcome event in partnership with our Friends of Robert Eagle Staff PTSA. We know that partnership with our staff, students, and families is the key to establishing an effective learning community, and we invite you to join our Friends of Robert Eagle Staff PTSA at:


    All 6th grade students will take a full year of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math, and will be assigned to classes according to district designation such as HCC.


    STUDENTS WITH IEPs – We will review your IEPs carefully and meet with your teachers to make sure that we are providing the best supports for your learning.


    MATH PLACEMENT – Math placement will take into consideration the following criteria:

    • Next course in sequence

    • 5th  grade teacher recommendation

    • Smarter Balanced Assessment scores (Level 4 for students considering skipping a specific course)

    We will be contacting your student’s 5th grade SPS teacher for the following information:

    • Math level completed in 5th grade

    • Key skills that have been mastered

    • Teacher recommendation for math placement 

    Physical Education: Students will be scheduled for one semester of PE unless they qualify for a PE waiver. PE waivers are available for the following 3 reasons: health needs, religious belief, or enrollment in 2 year-long electives (World Language and Orchestra/Band). PE Waiver Forms will be available in November 2018.


    ELECTIVES PREFERENCES:  Please take time to complete the electives preferences form and return the completed form by Friday, April 27, 2018.  Forms can be returned in person to the Eagle Staff main office or by mail - RESMS 1330 N 90th Street, Seattle, 98103.  Forms will not be accepted electronically. 
    6th Grade Electives Form 18-19.pdf

    Music Placement at Robert Eagle Staff MS

    Dear Robert Eagle Staff Music Family,
    Welcome to the Eagle Staff Middle School Music Program!  The music teachers at Eagle Staff are committed to creating a high-quality educational experience that is rewarding, enriching, and fun for ALL students. As a part of this program, students will build their skills and knowledge and become exceptional musicians, leaders, and citizens of the Eagle Staff community.

    • Incoming 6th graders: Your current instrumental music instructor will provide an ensemble placement recommendation for next year. If your teacher recommends an audition to determine placement, Eagle Staff instrumental teachers will contact you and set up a time for the audition.  You can also contact the appropriate music teacher to schedule an audition.  For Band, contact John Aguilar at or 206-413-2350.  For Orchestra or Guitar, contact Lindsey Dustin at or 206-413-2348
    • Please be sure to complete the course request form so that we know your student would like to study music for the 2018-2019 school year.

    John Aguilar and Lindsey Dustin, Robert Eagle Staff Music Teachers